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Why WS Energy Solution

The goal of WS Energy Solution is to be provide most reliable One Stop Solution to the Oil & Gas industry including On-shore / Off-shore projects, and other Marine Engineering.


WS Energy Solution supplies the most suitable solution for every operational challenge. Whether it concerns a complex off-shore platform or a on-shore project, WS Energy Solution makes the right package within the available budget for every customer.

Smart configuration of well-known services and subsystems is accompanied by our enthusiasm for innovation: new on road service, other ways to navigate, enhancing seagoing features, saving fuel, reducing emissions - it’s in our minds every day.  The WS Energy Solution has built most suitable and perfect mix of proven technology and innovation from the galley to the suction pipe, from the dredge pump to the bridge – as the sheer number of our experience, human resource, and operated by leading contractors, proves day after day.  With their efficiency, relatively low time consuming and very high number of clients they outperformed the competition.

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